A collection of favorite projects. I also have a few things on my Dribbble.


Design - Development (HTML/CSS, Wordpress) - Project Management

A personal project that was made as a challenge for creatives to create one item every day for 30 days. Upon completion, there was a gallery showing at a local venue.

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Capital Drop

Design - Development (create.js)

A silly game where you have to drop a star where you think the state capital is located.

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Jerry Stringer

Design - Development (HTML/CSS)

A tool that generates random strings based on user input.

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Pocket Sausage

Design - Development (HTML/CSS/Phaser)

A game where you must not overcook sausages.

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BASlider — jQuery Plugin

Development (jQuery)

A responsive touch-friendly before/after slider.

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A website to generate bios.

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I like to draw. These mostly appear on my Dribbble and Tumblr.

Lil Devil Deal With It. 727 Lightning! Meandering



Hey! My name is Vince and I thrive off creativity and problem solving.

I'm a designer and developer with over nine years of professional experience. I enjoy keeping up with the industry in various aspects, but I also enjoy experimenting with new ideas.

Outside of my web experience, I can be found riding my bike, playing guitar, drawing/painting, or flying single-engine airplanes. I love chasing ideas or things that pique my interest. Most of all, I love learning new things.


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